AR-15 Built For Women – Benefits of the AR-15 for Female Shooters

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Benefits of the AR-15 for Female Shooters

Ownership of the AR-15s has been a controversial issue all along whereby some lawmakers and gun-control activists insist on a ban. Conversely, another group embraces the AR-15 and believes it’s of significance to them. What are the benefits of the AR-15 for female shooters? 

Recently, a significant number of women have embraced the AR-15 guns for self-defense, hunting, and women’s shooting competitions. That means the AR-15 is an excellent choice among firearms and has numerous advantages, even to female shooters. 

Below are some benefits of the AR-15 for female shooters.

Benefits of the AR-15 for Female Shooters
Benefits of the AR-15 for Female Shooters

It’s More Effective

The AR-15 is a lightweight rifle that comes in average size. Thus, women find it very effective, and have become their choice of a gun over handguns and other rifles. The average weight of an AR-15 is 6.55 lb. Many females find it easy to handle the AR-15 while training and even in practical shooting instances. 

The good thing with AR-15s is that they come with adjustable stocks while others are fixed. Shooters are of different body types and sizes; thus, each needs a gun that is comfortable shooting. The AR-15 adjustment features make it the ultimate choice for any female shooter. If you are a short lady, you need not worry if you are about to shoot an AR-15 with an adjustable stock. 

Lastly, AR-15s are ergonomically designed with vital features such as ambidextrous magazine release and safety, floating handguard, and comfortable pistol grips. 


The AR-15 is built as an all-around firearm. Could you be thinking of hunting, target shooting, and home defense using the same gun? The AR-15 is a very practical gun that accommodates all of these applications. 

With a standard AR-15 chambering 5.56×45 NATO you are sure you have an effective way to deal with two people invading your compound, participate in a shooting range, and take down a wild boar or deer. 

Easily Controllable 

Despite an AR-15 being lightweight and of good size, any women shooter can easily control this gun on their shoulders. One reason that makes the AR-15 a gun of choice in most training is its ease of handling by most trainees. 

AR-15s using the .223 Remington or the 5.56x45mm NATO are known to produce low recoil while firing, making it easy to control and achieve accuracy. With low recoil, any shooter can do follow-up shots and still achieve precise accuracy. However, a minimal number of women who enjoy hunting have mastered their skills with a larger caliber such as 6.5mm Creedmor to take down big game using AR-15s. 

Also, AR-15s are semi-automatic, making it easier to control while shooting, unlike some shotguns requiring a lot of manual effort to shoot. 

Highly Customizable 

It’s not only women who appreciate a gun that can be aligned to their specific needs, but every shooter does. The AR-15 platform is highly customizable, and that makes it a unique firearm in the market. 

One benefit you enjoy from a customized AR-15 is that you get personal satisfaction by installing and upgrading it with your choice’s exact parts or accessories.  Also, customization enhances the overall performance and functionality of an AR-15. 

Affordable and Cheap to Maintain

With slightly below or above $1000, you can purchase a reliable AR-15 that will last for decades if well maintained. Gone are the days when women used to go for handguns because AR-15s were overpriced. 

With so many manufacturers building AR-15 guns and parts, you can easily access them at reasonable prices.  That makes the AR-15 a cheaper gun to maintain without a hard knock on your bank account. Also, you can easily find AR-15 parts and ammo from the nearest gun store. 

Additionally, ammo used in AR-15s is relatively cheap, making it easy to practice shooting and improving skills. You enjoy shooting for a long time with no worries to spend too much purchasing rounds. 


Any woman proficient with AR-15s will tell you that they are not only fun to shoot but precisely acquire targets and hit on the spot. 

A standard AR-15 rifle will offer around 1/2 MOA at 600 yards. On the other hand, you can improve its accuracy by adding other accessories such as scopes. Also, most AR-15s are installed with quality barrels that are significant in achieving high accuracy. 


So far, you have an answer as to why more women are joining the AR-15 platform. Lately, with the Covid-19 pandemic and heat from election campaigns, gun sales statistics record an increased sale of guns such as the AR-15s. 

Generally, many women have realized the benefits of an AR-15 over other firearms. It’s an excellent, versatile, and reliable weapon for any shooter.

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